BMW and Audi have decided to stop offering vehicle subscriptions to consumers. “Subscription programs have not become financially viable for the dealer, manufacturer or consumer,” BMW National Dealer Forum Chairman David Sloane said in a press release. “It’s been difficult for automakers to figure out subscription fleet sizes and product mix. It’s important manufacturers test these different business models, but it’s also good that, when they don’t work, they acknowledge that.” Sloane continued.

Automakers have had mixed success with vehicle subscriptions. Some programs have struggled to attract enough people who want to pay for the convenience, while others have found customers but struggled to turn a profit.

Book by Cadillac, a subscription service from General Motors was put on hiatus in 2018 due to lack of demand. GM is now taking another crack at the program, tested a rebooted version in a dealer pilot.

Ford Motor Co. walked away from its vehicle subscription service last fall, also following lackluster demand.

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