"It was great to build a foundation on which we can answer our customers' questions," says Brent Addison, Addison Fleet company president, talking about the exclusive event recently hosted by BrightDrop, focused on its latest EV aimed at business and fleet operations.

 "It was fun to connect with the clients we invited, and get the chance to share some of the new technologies coming to this fleet vehicle," he adds. The all-electric cargo van is built for delivery and logistics, and prioritizes efficiency, safety and driver comfort.

Brent drove the BrightDrop Zevo on some of Toronto's residential roads and was impressed with the vehicle's efficiency and range.

"I didn't have to touch the brakes once in about 10 to 15 minutes because of the vehicle's adaptive braking system," he says. "It's already got a range of more than 400km and, as technology progresses, that range could get to 600 or 700 kilometers."

He adds that GM's complete custom package is also appealing: "That customization includes upfitting the vehicles with shelving inside, and wrapping the outside. All these different companies work with BrightDrop to get it all done before delivery to the customer."

The Zevo 600 is also practical, with more than 600cuft cargo space, an estimated payload of up to 2,200lbs, and an overall height of 107.93in (all numbers BrightDrop).

 "We're excited to introduce our customers to BrightDrop, educating them and answering their questions so they'll be ready when Zevo hits the road in Canada in 2023," concludes Brent.

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