CARFAX Canada has launched a refreshed designed of their Vehicle History Reports (VHRs) today. The new design makes it easier for Canadians to understand a car’s past and view the information necessary to make better purchasing decisions.

CARFAX Canada delivers critical vehicle information that impacts the value of a car including its condition, safety and service history. The benefits of the new design include:

  • A summary section putting key information Canadians look for at the top of the report. This makes it easier to quickly find essential data including number of accident/damage records, open safety recalls, service history records and if there is money owing (liens).
  • A more intuitive, visual layout presenting information in a digestible format to help assess the vehicle's history in seconds. Icons and colours are used to draw attention to important information, making it easier to assess the vehicle’s history at a glance.
  • Tool tips offering helpful insights in every section, bringing deeper understanding to sometimes complex concepts like liens, registration history and stolen status. Plus, links to a glossary and FAQ are more readily accessible for additional explanation.
  • A responsive format allowing for effortless viewing across platforms including laptops, tablets, mobile devices or when printed.

“We’re proud to unveil the new vehicle history reports as they are what put us on the map and what Canadians have come to rely on us for,” shares Mark Rousseau, President and GM of CARFAX Canada. “The upgraded report is the result of listening to our customers - every inch was re-designed with them in mind. Upon experiencing the new report, our customers told us the new design is clean, modern and user-friendly. This enables us to empower millions of Canadians with the information they need to make better decisions and help thousands of dealerships buy and sell used cars.”

Learn more about CARFAX Canada Vehicle History Reports and view a sample report at:

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