A new curbside electric vehicle (EV) charging station has been commissioned in London, Ontario.

Developed by FLO, a subsidiary company of AddEnergie, the London EV station is one of 100 new urban charging station spaces the company will be demonstrating in cities across Canada. These charging stations are specially designed for curbside installation on city streets and can charge two EVs at once.

"Curbside EV charging infrastructure is a key step in building a reliable charging network," said Louis Tremblay, president and CEO of AddÉnergie.

"This innovative deployment addresses crucial needs for electric vehicles and benefits local businesses by attracting drivers to the area. We are proud to be playing a leading role coordinating with municipal stakeholders to execute the installations of these stations and hope this project inspires more municipalities to lead the way."

Natural Resources Canada, through its Energy Innovation Program, contributed $6.7 million to a larger project that includes this initiative — part of the federal government's plan to create a cleaner transportation sector by providing $182.5 million to expand the infrastructure that supports electric and alternative fuel vehicles.

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