Bird dockless e-scooters are coming to Canada. Bird Canada operates an electric vehicle sharing program, using a fleet of e-scooters for last-mile mobility.

Bird Canada plans to launch in Alberta in July and plans to expand its fleet of environmentally friendly Bird e-scooters and other commuter solutions to other communities across Canada soon. Alberta is leading the way in addressing the effects that climate change and traffic congestion have on their communities by embracing e-scooters as a means to reduce the number of cars on the road.

"Everyone should have access to micro-mobility options that help make cities more livable. Bird Canada makes this vision a reality for Canadians by delivering a sustainable and affordable transportation alternative and advances our shared climate and traffic reduction goals," said Travis VanderZanden, founder and CEO of Bird.

"The Bird Canada team's deep local knowledge and operating experience coupled with Bird's expertise in service, operations, safety, and technology are an ideal combination to address the transportation needs of all Canadians."

A new Canadian-owned company, Bird Canada, has committed capital from Obelysk, Relay Ventures, and Alate Partners, a real estate technology initiative of Dream and Relay Ventures.

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