Nauto, a provider of AI-based vehicle safety technology for commercial fleets and the automotive sector has launched a partnership with Electric Last Mile Solutions, Inc. ("ELMS"), a pioneer of electric and intelligent mobility solutions for commercial vehicle customers.

ELMS plans to offer Nauto's advanced predictive-AI fleet safety platform as a customer option, available pre-installed on new vehicles. The partnership will help drivers of ELMS vehicles avoid collisions and enable fleet managers to improve operational efficiency, reduce vehicle downtime and provide cost savings from discounted insurance premiums. Nauto's safety platform option will be available through the ELMS Air + Driver Safety Package.

Trained on more than 1.3 billion AI-processed driving miles and used by the world's top commercial fleets, Nauto's AI solution is designed to warn drivers of imminent collisions before they happen. These predictive alerts may translate into critical extra time for drivers to react, helping to avoid collisions and reduce the costs that result from them. Nauto technology has demonstrated its ability to deliver preventive warnings with 95-99% accuracy, and dramatically reduce risky driving behaviors in just a few weeks. 

Customers of ELMS' Urban Delivery and Urban Utility vehicles will leverage Nauto's technology across various use cases and industries, including parcel delivery, telecom, utilities, hauling, and e-commerce.

"As a commercial EV leader, it's a natural fit for ELMS to continue to innovate. This partnership will upgrade the safety capabilities across ELMS fleets, and help keep communities safe," said Stefan Heck, CEO, Nauto. "We look forward to working with ELMS to reduce risk for not only drivers, but also vulnerable road users like cyclists, children, and pedestrians. Nauto's fleet customers drive a disproportionate number of urban miles, which are the most complex, highest risk roads where fatalities take place. Together we're working towards vision zero – zero emissions, zero fatalities."

Source: PR News Wire 

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