In addition to producing face masks for first responders and healthcare workers, FCA is expanding its program of measures to support Coronavirus relief efforts. This is focused on two principal areas: first, charities providing food services to children and second, support for a range of technical, logistical and manufacturing programs such as face mask production.

“There has never been a more important moment to help children and their families with vital needs in our communities than during this time of great uncertainty,” said FCA CEO, Mike Manley.

FCA will work in partnership with non-profit organizations and foundations that are providing food to children until schools return to session. Starting immediately, FCA will help provide over a million meals to school age children in the communities around our principal manufacturing plants in Illinois, Indiana, Michigan and Ohio. The program will then be extended nationwide in the US and to Canada and Mexico, supporting similar relief efforts for kids who would normally access school meal services.

Following the first actions taken to start face mask production, the company is now investing technical, logistical and manufacturing resources directed at medical equipment and personal protective equipment (PPE). With the donation of face masks produced by the company starting in the coming weeks, the company will invest to extend that production capacity to other plants and ultimately donate masks to first responders and healthcare workers across the world. Drawing on experience from the company’s engineering and logistics team in Italy who are assisting a local ventilator manufacturer, FCA is engaged with other companies producing ventilators and other much needed medical equipment and PPE.

“In this time of need, we’ve focused our resources on those actions we can implement quickly and that will have the greatest impact as we did in Italy as soon as the emergency started,” added Manley.

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