Nissan is reminding drivers of a few simple techniques for vehicle care when they may not be driving, or driving infrequently.

“The shelter-in-place orders in effect throughout much of the United States and Canada mean that many vehicles are seeing infrequent, if any, use,” said Ryan Fulkerson, director, New Model Engineering, Nissan North America. “The longer a vehicle sits unused, the more likely it is to develop issues. By taking a few key steps, drivers can keep their cars running smoothly.”

  1. Keep the battery charged – a short drive or a trickle charger will work.
  2. Drive around the block – this keeps the battery charged and fluids circulating.
  3. Check the fluids – maintaining proper oil and transmission fluid levels will prevent problems down the road.
  4. Maintain recommended tire pressure – this helps to prevent flat spots when your vehicle is sitting.
  5. Wash your vehicle regularly – this helps to protect the paint, especially for vehicles parked outdoors.

“Following some of these tips will help to keep your car in shape,” said Fulkerson. “Washing a car yourself can also relieve boredom and be a great family activity.”

If a vehicle requires more than home care, remember that many Nissan service departments remain open, and available to assist with vehicle service, repairs, and many are offering no-contact drop off or at-home pick-up and delivery. To locate a Nissan dealership, visit:

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