Ford has announced the F150 Lightning Pro Truck, purpose built for commercial customers looking for familiar Built Ford Tough power, capability and durability with a high-tech electric platform that adds new capabilities and features designed to improve productivity and reduce operating costs – while also delivering zero emissions. 

Registrations open today at and when it arrives next spring it will be supported by a network of more than 100 Commercial Vehicle Centres across Canada offering electric vehicle sales, service, financing and charging accessories to make the transition to all-electric seamless.

With a starting MSRP of $C 58,000, the always 4x4, F-150 Lightning Pro with standard range battery targets an EPA-estimated 370 km range and includes a complimentary 32-amp Ford Mobile Charger. Targeted to generate 426 horsepower and 775 lb.-ft. of torque with its standard lithium-ion battery, the base truck has a targeted  2,000-pound maximum payload capacity and is targeting up to 5,000 pounds of towing capability- and up to 7,700 pounds with optional Max Trailer Tow package. For all models, maximum payload is based on accessories and vehicle configuration.

Where more power, towing capacity and range are needed, F-150 Lightning Pro can be optioned as an extended-range version with a targeted EPA-estimated 483 km targeted range. This version offers customers a targeted 563-horsepower 4x4 powertrain while torque remains 775 lb.-ft. It includes an 80-amp Ford Charge Station Pro, which, when combined with the included onboard dual chargers, enables affordable Level 2 overnight charging using battery-friendly AC power – negating the need for expensive DC power installation. Equipped with the optional Max Trailer Tow Package, targeted maximum towing increases to 10,000 pounds.

Charging hardware starts with the 32-amp Ford Mobile Charger, a 120/240-volt wall-mount AC charger that’s included with the standard-range F-150 Lightning Pro. An optional higher-capacity 48-amp AC charger runs on either 120 or 240 volts. For maximum AC home and fleet charging, the 240-volt-only 80-amp Ford Charge Station Pro further speeds up charge times. It comes standard on the extended-range F-150 Lightning Pro, taking advantage of the only dual onboard charging system in the industry to cut the charge time from 15 per cent to 100 per cent down to just eight hours for the 483 km -range battery.


Estimated charge times*
15-100 per cent at 240 volts

F-150 Lighting Pro standard range with 370 km battery

F-150 Lighting Pro extended range with 483 kms battery

32-amp Ford Mobile Charger

14 hours

19 hours

48-amp Ford Connected Charge Station

10 hours

13 hours

80-amp Ford Connected Charge Station Pro

10 hours

8 hours

150-kilowatt DC Fast Charging (15-80 per cent)

44 minutes

41 minutes

*Charge times are approximate and may vary based on state of charge, temperature and battery condition.

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