Ford Motor Company reported a U.S. sales loss last year of 2.2%, noting increased sales of its F-Series pickups to end 2022 with a slight increase in December.

The automaker on Thursday reported sales of more than 1.9 million vehicles in 2022, including an increase of 3.2% during the final month of the year. Ford’s sales were off 2.7% through November, before the December boost.

Ford said it sold more than 75,000 F-Series pickups in December, a 20.1% increase compared with a year earlier and the best month of the year as parts and supply chain problems disrupted production. Sales of the trucks still ended the year down 9.9% but better than the 13% they were down through November.

Andrew Frick, Ford vice president of sales, distribution & trucks, said the company is “well positioned heading into 2023.” However, the automaker did not release a sales forecast for the year.

Ford’s 2022 sales outpaced the industry, which was estimated to be down by roughly 9%. But they were not able to match rival GM, who had a 2.5% gain in sales compared with 2021. 

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