Ford Motor Co. is suing participants in an alleged civil conspiracy to improperly acquire a custom-built 2019 Ford GT supercar, resell it for a profit and swiftly resell it again for another profit within weeks.

Ford charges the defendants with flipping a new GT model worth $690,800 and selling it for more than double that price within a few weeks, in violation of the manufacturer’s 24-month prohibition against reselling the vehicle, according to a case in the Ontario Superior Court of Justice.

The defendants are Timothy Quocksister, president of Silver Arrow Cars in Victoria, B.C.; Bradley Nullmeyer, former CEO of Element Fleet Management Corp. of Toronto; Steven Hudson, former CEO of Element Financial Corp.; and Engineered Automotive, a vehicle servicing firm in Concord, Ont.

Ford said in court papers that it learned the GT was offered for sale in Europe, and Justice Edward Morgan said an “undisclosed buyer” in Hong Kong had purchased it from an exotic car dealership in Richmond, B.C., SR Auto Group. 

In a Nov. 13 decision, Morgan upheld a temporary injunction blocking the transfer or sale of the high-performance car pending trial, which isn’t yet scheduled. 

Ford’s suit seeks to rescind the original sale deal and block any transfer or resale of the GT. It also demands $1 million in damages for misrepresentation and breach of contract, plus attorney fees. 

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