Ford is adding more customer-driven options to its F-650 and F-750 Medium Duty trucks and E-Series cutaway and stripped chassis.

“We are just as passionate about the success of our customers’ businesses as they are,” said Mark Buzzell, Ford director of fleet, lease and remarketing operations. “So, we have devoted decades to developing deep insights into their wants and needs. This focus has led us to create a winning portfolio of commercial vehicles that our customers love and rely on every day.”

The all-new F-600 Super Duty chassis cab is now available to order. The F-600 deliveries the capability of a Class 6 truck in a familiar Class 5 package, giving fleet operators the option of additional payload and heavier upfits without moving into a larger truck. The F-600 will be available for delivery Summer 2020.

For customers who prefer alternative fuels, Ford is offering a gaseous fuel prep package for its new 7.3-litre V8 gasoline engine in current model year Super Duty F-450, F-550 and F-600 chassis cab, Medium Duty, E-Series and F-53 and F-59 stripped chassis vehicles. The package includes upgraded valvetrain components to withstand higher operating temperatures and lower lubricity of gaseous fuels so the vehicle can be converted by a Ford Qualified Vehicle Modifier to run on CNG or propane.

For the first time, an integrated air compressor will be available for the 7.3-litre engine. The compressor can be used to power air brakes, air suspension and other accessories like air horns or air ride seats. Currently, air brakes are only available on diesel-powered trucks.

Ford is the only manufacturer offering a choice of gasoline or diesel engine for Class 6-7 conventional cab trucks – its 7.3-litre gas V8 or updated 6.7-litre Power StrokeÒ diesel V8.

Ford Medium Duty trucks with the 7.3-litre gas engine are recommended for applications with lighter duty cycles, annual mileage and torque requirements. Adding the air compressor to the 7.3-litre engine lets customers combine the cost savings of a gasoline powertrain with the stopping power of air brakes.

“We expect this new offering to be popular in several vocational segments including propane delivery, municipalities, utilities and tree service,” explains Nathan Oscarson, Ford commercial truck brand manager. “Many customers have told us they’d like to take advantage of the cost savings provided by a gas truck, but they also want the peace of mind provided by air brakes.”

Lastly, Fleets looking for an affordable solution to meeting alternative fuel goals will see new choices with 2022 E-Series cutaways and stripped chassis as Ford adds available flex fuel capability for the 7.3-litre V8 gasoline engine in both premium and economy calibrations. E-Series with flex fuel capability can run on gasoline or blends of up to 85 per cent ethanol, or E85. Ford expects this to be a popular option for state and federal fleets.

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