In an unprecedented move by an automaker, General Motors is discounting some customers on its new 2023 Cadillac Lyriq all-electric SUV in exchange for them signing a non-disclosure agreement on the vehicle and agreeing to let GM track how they use it. 

GM gave the customers a $5,500 discount on the purchase or lease of the Lyriq, according to two sources familiar with the plan who did not have authority to speak on details of it. The select customers signed a non-disclosure agreement to keep mum about their experience of owning or driving one of the first Lyriqs with any parties outside of GM. 

Cadillac spokesman Michael Albano confirmed the program, saying he believes GM is the first of any automaker to tap customers – versus employees – in real-time in their new cars so as to study their driving patterns and behavior.

“As we transform our business, the launch of our first all-electric vehicle, Lyriq, provides Cadillac some unique learning opportunities," Albano told the Detroit Free Press. "Therefore, we have engaged a small group of early customers who agree to share their vehicle information and customer behaviors. Cadillac will use these learnings to elevate the experience for all our customers.”

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