General Motors unveiled a new logo Friday that the company says symbolizes its shift toward electric vehicles.

The now-lowercase letter M, for example, features arches that are squared so they resemble the prongs of an electric plug, the company said. And the blue coloring is supposed to evoke "clean skies."

The new logo was created by GM's own designers. Even the font was created in-house, the company said. It's the first time the automaker has substantially changed its logo since 1964.

The logo will be introduced with a marketing campaign, titled "Everybody In," to promote the automaker's electric vehicle initiative. As part of the campaign, ads will show a variety of people talking about GM's electric vehicle technology.

The new GM logo will not appear on cars and trucks. It will be seen only at the corporate level, such as on office buildings, letterhead and business cards. It will also appear on a new website set to debut on Monday.

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