Cadillac’s current hands-off technology will soon be deployed in 22 different vehicles by 2023. The technology employs a number of driver aids to allow for hands-off piloted driving in certain situations. Once Super Cruise makes its way into every Cadillac model, the technology will begin to be rolled out in other GM models. Super Cruise is currently limited to approximately 200,000 miles of highway that GM has mapped with lidar, whereas Autopilot can be engaged in a variety of situations. The technology holds the vehicle in a lane on the road, matching its speed with traffic and even coming to a full stop. When it launches on the CT4 and CT5 sedans, Super Cruise will add automatic land changes.

Super Cruise will continue its expansion with the CT4 and CT5, in addition to the 2021 Escalade. Beyond that, GM has yet to announce where and when Super Cruise will end up.

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