General Motors is rolling out its new end-to-end software platform, Ultifi in vehicles starting in 2023. The software platform can be used to give owners greater access to all the functions of a vehicle right down to the sensors. An example of this would be automatically setting child locks if the car cameras detect children in the backseat. Ultifi will also give drivers access to subscription services, including Super Cruise, the company’s hands-free advanced driver assistance system.

The platform will be built on top of the company’s vehicle intelligence platform, or VIP, which is the underlying hardware architecture that provides greater data processing power. While vehicles equipped with VIP are already capable of over-the-air software updates, GM says Utlifi will enable faster updates by centralizing all the vehicle’s modules on a single platform.

Ultifi will be integrated alongside Android Automotive, the OS embedded in some GM infotainment systems.

Ultifi, which is still in development, will start rolling out in 2023 and will be available exclusively to those vehicles and beyond, due to the computing demands of the system. Customers can either purchase the vehicle or purchase different access plans, like how consumers purchase different plans for their smartphone, Miller said. That means varying prices and varying plans, though GM didn’t go into any specifics.

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