General Motors confirmed plans to shut down its big pickup truck assembly plant in Silao, Mexico for about a week due to the continuing shortages of semiconductors. 

The Corvette assembly plant in Bowling Green, Kentucky also will be down until after Labor Day due to an issue unrelated to the semiconductor shortage.

GM spokesman David Barnas told press, “our production in North America has been relatively strong and stable since the third quarter of last year. However, short-term supply chain disruptions continue to occur, which has led us to make these production adjustments. We are actively working with our suppliers to resolve issues as they arise to meet pent up customer demand for our vehicles. We expect Silao Assembly to resume production on Monday, Sept. 5, and Bowling Green Assembly to resume production on Tuesday, Sept. 6, following GM’s annual observance of Labor Day.” 

GM executives previously said demand for conventional pickup trucks remains strong despite rising prices, and at the end of July, the automaker felt confident enough about customer demand and the state of the company’s supply chain to add a third production shift at a plant in Oshawa, Ontario it re-opened last year to fill orders for pickup trucks.

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