Hertz Global Holdings has sold all of the assets of its subsidiary, Donlen Corporation to Athene Holding Ltd. Athene, a leading insurance company with more than $200 billion of assets under management, plans to invest behind the Donlen platform to support the continued growth and strength of the business. With Athene’s stable and long-term capital base, Donlen will expand its capabilities, grow its team and continue the company’s award-winning customer service.

Athene Chairman and CEO Jim Belardi said, “We are confident that pairing Donlen’s expertise in fleet management with Athene’s strategic investment will result in a positive outcome for all parties involved. With our support, Donlen will be able to enhance their client experience and continue to grow their presence as a fleet management leader. Heather Phibbs, Director, Donlen Fleet Leasing added, “Donlen is thrilled to be a part of the Athene family. Both Donlen and Athene reach higher for our customers’ benefit. Our Canadian customers will benefit from our future investments to make fleet managers more productive to focus on their core business.” We look forward to leveraging Athene’s knowledge and experience, which will push us to the next level in fleet management and beyond!”

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