Honda Canada has launched a campaign called 'Driven to Reduce Emissions Since 1948', that posts government-verified vehicle CO2 emission ratings directly on for every model the company sells in Canada.

Vehicle Emission Indicator badges display the grams per kilometre driven emission rating. The campaign also educates Canadians on Honda's global philosophy and vision of reducing overall CO2 emissions from its products and all aspects of its business and manufacturing operations.

According to the latest Green House Gas (GHG) report issued by Environment and Climate Change Canada for 2017, Honda Canada's vehicle fleet had the best overall fuel economy in the industry and emitted less CO2 than the average among internal combustion engine manufacturers.

"Bringing CO2 emission information to consumers' attention aligns with our belief that lowering emissions of vehicles on the road in Canada is the best way for us to help combat climate change," said Dave Gardner, president and CEO of Honda Canada Inc.

"Our customers can still choose to drive a Honda vehicle for all of the traditional benefits we bring to the market, such as dependability, quality and reliability, while now being aware of their impact on the environment."

As society moves towards a more electrified future, the company aims to electrify two-thirds of its global auto sales by 2030. In order to achieve those targets, Honda is transitioning from producing mainly internal combustion engines to vehicles equipped with gasoline-hybrid powertrains.

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