Hyundai Canada is introducing Hyundai for Hire, an industry-first pilot project that will offer short-term vehicle rentals to customers directly through select dealerships. Consumers will be able to rent the vehicles for as long as they choose from days, weeks or months. The cost of renting will also be less than a traditional car rental company. According to Don Romano, President and CEO of Hyundai Auto Canada Corp., the service is ideal for consumers who don’t want to commit to a lease or financial purchase, indecisive prospective buyers, university students, condo dwellers and newcomers to Canada who might not have credit yet.

The automaker says anyone who uses the service is eligible for its loyalty discount towards the purchase of a new vehicle, which in most cases will cover the rental fee.

“We’re just bringing new people in to get to know the Hyundai family and portfolio and it just gives them an option,” said Romano.

Romano said Hyundai went with the rental model over a subscription model, in which consumers pay monthly or yearly to have access to a number of different cars, for a few different reasons. “With subscription, you are depreciating a number of different cars.” He said it can also be a pain to switch cars once you’ve become comfortable with what you are driving. In addition, “The cost is high, the challenges with the customer are high.”

The cost of each rental will be inclusive of insurance and maintenance – the driver only needs to add gas. The pilot project will begin in early March at select Ontario dealerships. Additional details about the program including booking information, pricing and product availability will become available at that time.

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