Quebec-based planned-transportation company Netlift today launched a pilot project in partnership with the Montreal Heart Institute (MHI).

The project was developed to address challenges of parking, mobility and employee retention at the MHI resulting from the loss of approximately 100 parking spaces. The MHI partnered with Netlift, which uses its technology platform to pair employees for carpooling and in turn optimizes available parking spaces.

To expand the reach of the initiative, street parking spaces near the MHI have also been reserved for the carpooling project, with the co-operation of the City of Montreal and the borough of Rosemont–La Petite-Patrie. Parking enforcement officers will use licence plate recognition technology designed by Genetec Inc., a strategic partner of Netlift, to ensure that only carpoolers use the spaces dedicated to the pilot project.

The Quebec Ministry of Economy and Innovation has provided $350,000 in financial assistance.

"The Government of Quebec has pledged to reduce greenhouse gas emissions by 37.5% between now and 2030, and carpooling is among the solutions available to us to reach that target," said Richard Campeau, MNA for Bourget and Parliamentary Assistant to the Minister of Environment and the Fight Against Climate Change.

"This pilot project will allow Netlift to demonstrate the operation of its carpooling application in a context of parking scarcity. We are convinced that this technology showcase project will lead to significant benefits both here at home and internationally."

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