A new report from CCC Intelligent Solutions, indicates that the average total cost of repairs for EVs is higher than non-EVs, or even luxury non-EVs.  

CCC completed analysis of two subsets of vehicles, comparing vehicle repair metrics like cost, OEM part utilization, repair versus replace, repair cycle time, and repairer productivity. The first subset of vehicles were small non-luxury models where the same model was available as an EV or ICE, or where an ICE vehicle with a similar body style was available for comparison to a model produced only as EV.  The second subset of vehicles did the same for mid-size luxury SUVs. 

Claim data compared was for collision losses for driveable vehicles with a front impact and vehicle ages current to three years of age.

The findings showed that EVs had a higher average repair cost. This was likely due to higher OE parts utilization and more repairs requiring operations like scan and calibration. Moreover, repair times were longer for EVs than for ICE models. Finally, EV repairs had a higher percentage returned to the shop for additional work after the customer picked up the vehicle.


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