A six-month road test has shown that a new tire compound, enhanced with graphite-based grapheme technology, has better durability than conventional tires. 

Gratomic Inc.  a Toronto-based advanced materials development company concluded an 18 month development program with a six-month terrain test in which graphenes enhanced tires (Gratomic Tires) and premium tires from a globally recognized household name brand were fitted to high mileage, commercial light vehicles, which primarily travelled on A and B roads within the UK. Performance of the tires was data logged throughout the entire test period.

The results of the road test concluded the Gratomic Tires, enhanced with surface engineered graphenes, produced a greater than 30 percent increase in wear resistance over the competing tires, equating to an additional +30 percent mileage before the tire needed to be replaced.

Furthermore, the results of testing carried out by industry experts employing industry standard dynamic mechanical analysis (DMA) showed a significant improvement in rolling resistance, which indicated a greater than 30 percent improvement in fuel economy.

Finally, the results showed a greater than a 40 percent improvement in both wet and ice braking.

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