Consultancy firm Deloitte’s 2023 Global Automotive Consumer Study indicates that as interest in EVs is growing among consumers, significant barriers remain on the road to fuller adoption. The study surveyed more than 26,000 people globally between September and October 2022. According to the study the global shift to electrified vehicles is happening, but at very different speeds depending on the market. Interest in hybrid battery technology outstrips the interest in full BEVs in most countries. In the U.S, survey respondents showed their increasing preference for an alternative fuel powered vehicle as interest in acquiring an internal combustion engine vehicle dropped from 69% to 62%. Affordability remains a top concern for buyers considering an EV, with nearly 7 out of ten American consumers wanting to purchase an EV for less than $50,000(USD). Interestingly, if environmentally sustainable synthetic fuel for use in traditional combustion engines, 44% of buyers would rethink their intention of purchasing an EV.


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