The Ontario government is proposing legislative changes to crack down on drunk driving instructors, penalize drivers who loiter in the left lane, and allow motorcycles to use the HOV lanes.

In addition, the government is launching a province-wide consultation on increasing speed limits.

Proposed legislative changes include: 

  • Introducing a new offence for any driving instructor that violates a Zero Blood Alcohol or Drug Presence requirement;
  • Introducing tougher penalties for driving slowly in the left-hand lane;
  • Giving municipalities the tools they need to target drivers who pass school buses and threaten the safety of children crossing roads to their school or home;
  • Allowing motorcyclists to use High Occupancy Vehicle (HOV); and,
  • Strengthening laws that protect frontline, roadside workers from careless drivers.

Proposed regulatory changes include allowing the use of advanced technologies for commercial motor vehicles that lead to reduced fuel consumption, lower emissions, and increased productivity within the trucking industry.

As well pickup trucks and trailers for personal use will be exempt from the inspection requirements for commercial vehicles.

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