The Ontario government has begun rolling out new vehicle licence plates across the province. The new plates come with new changes.

Redesigned to enhance the quality, design and production of the plate itself, Doug Ford’s government says the new plates will put Ontario residents first.

“Ontario's Government for the people is introducing updated personal and commercial licence plates along with a new driver's licence design that reflects a renewed government promise to put people first in everything it does,” the government said in a news release issued in April of last year.

One of the most noticeable changes is the look of the new plates. The old white design has been replaced with a dark navy blue with light blue insets. The plates will also feature a renewed version of the trillium logo. In addition to looking different, the government says the new design will actually last longer than its predecessor. The government said that the new format will save taxpayers money in the long-term as the plates will be resized to align with the North American standards.

Another change to the plate is the replacement of the slogan “Yours To Discover” with the new catchphrase “A Place To Grow”. The government says the tagline is a tribute to Ontario’s unofficial “A place to Stand, a Place to Grow” anthem, which debuted at Expo ’67. The province’s commercial plates will feature the slogan “Open for Business”.

Drivers are not required to updates their current plates but have the option to do so for $59.00 at a Service Ontario location. The Ontario government has also announced new licences which will be available in the fall.

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