The Ontario Traffic Council (OTC) has launched a campaign to support the province's recently introduced automated speed camera (ASE) program. Driving Safer Communities is intended to raise awareness of the use of speed cameras to reduce speeds in school zones and community safety zones where the posted speed limit is under 80 kmph.

The Driving Safer Communities campaign, comprised of a microsite at, including a comprehensive list of FAQs, is designed to ensure the public is well educated about the benefits of this important speed reduction tool and how vehicle owners may be affected. In addition, the OTC has launched a campaign Facebook page at @ASEONT to provide the public with access to a platform for engaging in dialogue about road safety.

Participating municipalities will implement ASE technology using information they have been capturing in their own communities to identify the best areas for enforcement.

For example, 2018 data from the City of Toronto demonstrates that in just one week more than 50,000 drivers were identified going over the posted speed limit of 30 kmh along Rockcliffe Blvd, which is in a community safety zone, with the maximum speed clocked at 156 kmh. Likewise 2019 data from Niagara Region showed more than 25,000 and 100,000 drivers identified going over the posted speed limit of 50 kmh along Pelham and Montrose Roads, respectively.

"Despite speed being a contributing factor in approximately one third of fatal collisions across Canada, data being collected by municipalities across the province clearly demonstrates that vehicles are continuing to speed," said Geoff Wilkinson, executive director, OTC.

"On behalf of the OTC, and our members, we wholeheartedly endorse the province's implementation of ASE, and to further support the program we have launched the Driving Safer Communities campaign to ensure Ontario residents are well informed about this safety tool as a proven method for enforcing the posted speed limits in school zones and community safety zones."

Toronto, Ottawa, Brampton and Niagara Region will be the first of Ontario's municipalities to implement ASE with several other municipalities also anticipated to follow in the coming months including Burlington, London, Durham Region, Mississauga, Peel Region and York Region, among others.

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