The Quebec government's 2020-2021 budget allocates $6.7 billion in funding for measures to fight climate change and support the transition to electric vehicles.

To support the development of innovative products in the electric vehicle industry in Québec, the government is earmarking $27.0 million over five years to support research, innovation and marketing for these products.

Furthermore, the growth in electric vehicle sales both in Québec and other parts of the world calls for greater efforts for recycling electric vehicle batteries. To enable Québec to carve out a niche in this industry, the government is providing $18.0 million over five years to develop the recycling sector for electric vehicle batteries.

To encourage EV adoption, $1.4 billion is being spent on the province's "Roulez vert" initiative, which includes rebates for purchases of new and used EVs, as well as for home and commercial EV chargers.

Additional areas that will receive funding include support for the green hydrogen industry ($14 million over five years) and the renewable natural gas (RNG) business ($70 million over three years).  

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