Major international companies are charging ahead on electric vehicles (EVs) to address the climate crisis, tackle air pollution and meet growing customer expectations – but they are increasingly confronted with a lack of vehicle supply, a new report by global non-profit The Climate Group reveals.

The Climate Group runs the global EV100 initiative, which brings together leading companies to accelerate the switch to electric transport and make EVs the new normal by 2030. They represent the fastest moving big business buyers and have a strong understanding of the state of the EV market.

This year’s EV100 Progress and Insights Report shows that members are speeding ahead, with approximately 80,000 EVs already deployed  and over 10,000 charge points installed to date.

However, the slow roll-out of electric vehicles from the auto industry is the top barrier to switching their entire fleet, cited by 79% of respondents – up by a third from last year. 

“For years automakers have raised the lack of demand as a problem for moving faster on electric vehicles. Our report shows that big business demand for EVs is increasing but is still not being met by manufacturers," said Helen Clarkson, CEO of The Climate Group.

“If automakers want to stay competitive, they need to shift to a higher gear on producing EVs – or risk losing their largest customers."

“Vehicle availability is a big challenge and as of now we mostly seek to procure American vehicles – and we’re seeing that US manufacturers are much further behind some of their foreign counterparts," said Christine Weydig, Director, Environment and Energy Programs, Port Authority of New York and New Jersey.

"As more fleet owners like us look to adopt electric vehicles and expand these fleets, we’ll have the purchasing power to catalyze the US market and domestic manufacturers.” 

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