At a press conference recently, Toyota predicted gasoline will power most of its U.S. vehicles in 2030, citing its belief that electric vehicles will not have caught up in terms of cost and convenience by that timeframe. The position is contrary to what a number of the global OEM’s competitors have recently said, setting ambitious goals for all electric fleets within the next decade. "If you take a snapshot of 2030, the price of battery EVs and the provision of infrastructure around the globe probably won't have advanced all that much," Toyota executive Jun Nagata said during a news conference. "Hybrids and plug-in hybrids will be easier for customers to buy." Toyota’s leaders have argued that their customers don’t necessarily want all electric vehicles and that EVs are not inherently better for the environment, pointing to the emissions linked to mining the materials needed for batteries as well as electricity production. "The goal is not electric vehicles, the goal is carbon neutrality, and even if we have the best technology, if it's not chosen by customers, it will not have the impact of reducing emissions," Toyota's chief digital officer, James Kuffner, said.

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