Evo Car Share, created by BCAA, will keep more Metro Vancouverites mobile, announcing 250 more Evos will hit the roads this spring with the potential for further expansion.

The 250 new hybrid cars will arrive in April, boosting its 100% hybrid fleet of Evos to 1,750. The company aims to expand Evo's fleet again this summer and confirms it's in discussions with the City of Vancouver about necessary policy changes to support continued expansion.

"Evo is a local company dedicated to this region and we're here to stay," says Tai Silvey, VP of Evo Car Share.

The company will be the only one-way car share in the area from the end of February. "Evo is stepping up – we're investing significantly and doing everything possible to get more Evos on the road and keep expanding to meet growing demand," Silvey says.

Evo's current 1,500 Toyota Prius Hybrids typically complete over 10,000 trips per a day. Evo's total fleet has replaced approximately 13,500 privately owned vehicles helping to drive a reduction in vehicle kilometers travelled by over 19,000 km per vehicle annually.

Evo members can use the service and pick up or drop off anywhere in the Evo home zone covering areas around Vancouver, North Vancouver, Burnaby, New Westminster and satellites serving UBC, Cap U, SFU and Grouse Mountain.

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