Vincentric, LLC has released an in-depth update to its vehicle Maintenance Data with additional detail added to its automotive cost-of-ownership database.

The latest enhancement includes costs for over 400 services per vehicle with more detailed estimates of parts pricing, labour times, and labour rates for light-duty vehicles in the U.S. and Canada, resulting in more accurate total cost-of-ownership calculations.

Vincentric Maintenance Data includes both scheduled and unscheduled maintenance costs, with scheduled maintenance costs using specific auto manufacturer recommended maintenance schedules as its foundation. Unscheduled maintenance costs include items without specific service intervals, such as brakes, batteries, and tires.

Vincentric uses a standard replacement interval for these services and then applies vehicle specific parts prices and labour times. This information is then combined with hourly labour rates that are customized by state and province based on a Vincentric survey of automotive dealers. Current national rates are $96/hour in the U.S. and $112/hour in Canada, with slightly higher rates for luxury vehicles.

“Our customers can now more accurately estimate maintenance costs at any mileage interval up to 300,000 miles or 480,000 kilometres,” said Vincentric president David Wurster.

“Each calculation is done using our dynamic cost to own technology to determine specific costs for that driving distance, without the need for any averaging. Our web service can deliver this data on demand either as part of our cost-of-ownership solution or as an independent maintenance data delivery.”

In addition to delivery via web service using a VIN match or other unique vehicle matching keys, Vincentric data can be delivered via text file or other formats as needed by its customers.

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