Walmart Canada is more than tripling its order of 18 wheeler Tesla Semi trucks in an effort to commit to alternative power.

Walmart Canada is now reserving a total of 130 Tesla Semi trucks, making it one of the largest reservations of electrified trucks in the country. The move comes after Walmart Canada announcing a $3.5 billion investment over the next five years aimed to generate significant growth in the business and align with Walmart’s goal to target zero emissions by 2040. The company has committed to converting 20 per cent of Walmart's fleet to electric power by the end of 2022, as part of its broader goal to power its fleet using 100 per cent alternative power by 2028.

Walmart cites the following sustainability and safety features as key highlights on the new Tesla Semi electric trucks:

  • Tesla Semi consumes less than two kilowatt-hours of energy per mile at Gross Vehicle Weight (GVW) and highway speed, significantly reducing operating costs per mile compared to diesel.
  • 500 miles range allows a driver to go to their destination and back without recharging (500 mile range at maximum weight at highway speed)
  • Capable of 0-60 mph in 20 seconds with a full 80,000-pound load and can climb 5 per cent grades at a steady 65 mph (compared to 45mph for same grade in a diesel truck)
  • Regenerative braking technology recovers 98 per cent of kinetic energy to the battery
  • Surrounding vehicle cameras and sensors aid object detection and minimize blind spots, automatically alerting the driver to safety hazards and obstacles
  • Additional driver safety features including Automatic Emergency Braking, Automatic Lane Keeping, Lane Departure Warning
  • The ability to travel 500 miles per charge is in line with Walmart Canada's general fleet system, which consists mainly of single day round trips – allowing for the ability to convert from diesel at a faster pace. 
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