ECCO Safety Group (ESG), a global manufacturer of safety solutions for public safety and commercial vehicles, has launched its Connected Safety Solution powered by the HAAS Alert Safety Cloud.

HAAS Alert’s collision prevention technology, paired with ECCO’s lineup of reliable lighting and safety solutions, sends digital alerts that warn drivers of nearby commercial and public service vehicles operating in the roadway.

Drivers are notified through the Waze app on their mobile devices, Apple CarPlay, Android Auto, or compatible vehicle infotainment systems, giving them time to react before they are on top of the hazard.

With innovations in mobile and cloud technology, motorists now have enhanced capabilities to receive advanced alerts and urgent road hazard information.

Doug Phillips, President and CEO of ESG, commented, “Our mission is to protect people with leading innovative safety solutions. ECCO has a long history of providing solutions that help commercial vehicle operators increase safety in and around the vehicle. By bundling HAAS Alert technology with our vehicle lighting and back-up alarm solutions, ECCO fleet operators can now utilize digital alerting technology to provide advance warning to civilians, providing an extended layer of safety and security.”

“The number of roadside worker fatalities and injuries in 2019 due to collisions with other vehicles is alarming and shows no signs of slowing down,” said HAAS Alert Co-founder and CEO Cory Hohs. “As a company committed to making our roads safer for everyone, we are excited to work with an innovator like ECCO to bring HAAS Alert’s digital safety service to more work crews operating in or alongside the roadway.”

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