Wheels, Inc., has integrated with two fleet logistics partners to bring real-time data and greater workflow efficiencies directly into its Vehicle Inventory Management (VIM) application. The VIM application orchestrates the decision matrix around moving hundreds of vehicles at a time during client upsizing, downsizing, or turnover events.

“One key benefit of this integration is that the data sourcing is in real-time,” said Erik Rasmussen, Director of Strategic Operations at PARS. “The minute the vehicle is picked up, Wheels receives that information. This is not just real-time sharing of data, this is real-time data.”

Using application programming interfaces (APIs), detailed information is shared between logistics supplier partner’s and Wheels’ FleetView system. Wheels VIM associates now can proactively view up-to-date stored vehicle inventory, transportation details, delivery dates, and condition reports on surplus vehicles.  This enhancement allows for smarter and faster decision making on the best way to manage surplus vehicle inventory.

To create more unified user experiences, Wheels continues to enhance their FleetView technology platform with new capabilities to help front-end applications fully integrate with third-party vendors.

“This model of integrating all activities and visibility into FleetView is a core concept of our technology and product strategy,” said Tim O’Hara, chief information officer at Wheels. “We integrate with our partners to create a more efficient supply chain, which increases the speed and quality of the services we deliver to our clients.”

“This level of integration has gone deeper than any other of our fleet management partners,” said Rasmussen from PARS.  “Because of Wheels’ existing foundation and their long-term strategy, we were able to tap into their existing functionality but also add more along the way, allowing more actions to be exchanged.” 


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